Sonapur is a small town and a village located in the outskirts of Guwahati city in the state of Assam. It is also known as the resort valley of Guwahati. Sonapur is 20km away from the Guwahati city which is situated beside National Highway 37 near the river Digaru. This place is all about Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants and Dhabas. Sonapur is a perfect getaway spot from your monotonous life. As this place is away from the city it leads you to the real calmness and surrounds you with all its greenery and peacefulness. Most people choose Sonapur as their picnic spot, family get-together spot, weeding event and a reunion spot. The resorts of Sonapur are the charm of Sonapur these resorts welcome you with the best hospitality, luxurious and adventurous experiences. Sonapur resorts are also a paradise for children. Sonapur is an ideal destination to enjoy your weekends and holidays with your near and dear ones.

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